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Well, I got the job and was made an official, permanent federal employee a year later (on November 4, 2001).  And one of these days I'll update this page


Current Update is Below in Blue.

General Process for Federal Jobs (as understood by a mere mortal):

  1. Branch (the National Marine Mammal Lab in this case) defines a need

  2. Branch procures funds

  3. Branch procures The Ok from The Powers That Be

  4. Job description is written

  5. Job description is submitted to, revised (by Branch), and approved by the Office of Personnel Management

  6. Job is advertised/posted

  7. Nancy and others apply

  8. Applications are submitted to the OPM (No, not to NMML)

  9. Applications are scored (Yes, they go through and count key words)

  10. Applicants with a sufficiently high score are forwarded to the Branch (remember step 1?)

  11. Branch reviews qualifying applications, interviews, etc as needed, and hire person (Assuming that the procured funds and The Ok are not withdrawn by now)

July 11, 2000

The unofficial word has come in that I will be offered a temporary position at the National Marine Mammal Lab in Seattle, Washington (term actually, for those who know government terms - i.e., limited time period but with benefits). On Friday, Tim Smith (my supervisor) got tired of waiting and called Sue Moore (the person hiring) to see what the story was.  Apparently, the official offer letter is supposed to be sent out today with a start date of Sunday August 27 (first day of the pay period, but I'll start Monday August 28).

So Mark, Shane, Emma, Carley, and I will be moving to Seattle. Yikes!  Although the logistics and details have not been worked out, the general plan is to leave Lakeville in the first couple of days of August and arrive in Seattle on August 21. That will give us about 3 weeks of traveling - if the kids can stand it, I'd like to finally see some of this country now that I'm 32. And we will have a week to find a place to live before I start working.

July 6, 2000

The job advertisement finally came out on June 19 and closed on June 23 (requiring applications to be postmarked by June 23 and in Seattle by June 28).  I FedEx'd out my application on June 22 so that it arrived in Seattle on June 23.  Doug DeMaster and Sue Moore (the people doing the hiring) were in Australia until at least June 26 (at the International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee meeting).  I am not sure exactly what the process is now or how long it will take.  But for now, we wait and try not to worry about the logistics of moving across the country.

In the meantime, Mark spent some time scouting out Seattle.  Since we were in Milwaukee for Brian (Mark's cousin) and Sari's wedding, Mark decided to head west after the wedding, spend a day or so in Portland with Michael (his brother), then head north to Seattle.  He got a $400 bumped on the way to Portland, met Ben and Aaron (two of my cousins), got a sense of the area and places where we might want to live, was surprised by the sprawl, saw lots of traffic, found a great house 5 minutes from the lab which is too expensive ($1700/mo split level ranch on 1/8th acre), bought a big atlas, got tired, and came home.

April 27, 2000

The current word is that the job advertisement will "hit the streets" in about six weeks (yes, six - around the time of the wedding).  The good news is that it will only be open for applicants for 5 days (the minimum allowed - i.e., they still really want me).  So far, so good - if slow.

April 23, 2000

Everything seems to be moving along smoothly (if slowly).  As of my last contact with the NMML, the job description should have been completed (step 4) and submitted (step 5) the week of April 17th.  It sounds like the job should be advertised in May or June.  We are talking about a mid-July start date. 

So, at this stage there is cautious optimism that: 1) Yes, I will be working at the National Marine Mammal Lab (for at least 15 months) and 2) Yes, we will be moving to Seattle.  But this is the government, anything can happen.  We will keep you posted.

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