June 11th has been a very important day for the past 33 years as it is the birthday of Leslie Rachel Sander, a very special and wonderful person who was Nancy's best friend from Simon's Rock College.  Unfortunately, it has also been a sad day for the past 11 years as it is also her Yahrzeit (anniversary of her death, from cancer).

Leslie at The Monthly Review - Summer, 1986

We had not originally planned to have our wedding day be the same as Leslie's birthday and Yahrzeit, but the fates decided that we should.  In order to properly honor and remember Leslie and others who will be missed during our wedding, Rabbi Al preside over a brief moment of remembrance at 12:30 prior to the wedding service to remember those who are no longer with us (Daniel M. Friday, M.D., Tristan, Turtle, Leslie, Derek Gross, Nancy's grandparents (Alice and Robert Noble), and Mark's grandparents (Lilian Wolkenberg, Sidney Wolkenberg, Louis and Florence Miller, and Ann Benoit)).  Anyone who wishes to attend is welcome.

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