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Click on the images to launch QuickTime movies of Miriam.  Right click and select "Save Target As..." (MS Internet Explorer), "Save Link As..." (Mozilla Firefox), or similar option to download movies.

Note 1:  These are from our digital camera rather than our digital video camera.  We started filming in high resolution on June 17, 2006.  Movies prior to this can be viewed at "double size" (under the QuickTime View menu or Ctrl+2).

Note 2:  If you need a program for running these movies, a freeware version of QuickTime can be downloaded here.  You don't need to give them your email address if you uncheck the stupid boxes.

Warning: These are large files.

Date Movie Link Description File Size
April 18, 2006 She's on the move!!!  Miriam took some hesitant steps on Friday, April 14th, 2006 and started crawling on Saturday, April 15th.  It took us a couple of days to get a good video. 10.0MB
May 7, 2006 Two of Miriam's favorite toys are an electric piano/mixer and Doofus (a little dude with suction cup feet whose head spins round and round). 17.3MB
May 7, 2006 Crawling with a purpose towards Doofus.  The first time we stuck Doofus to the floor, Miriam was very frustrated that she couldn't pick him up and shake him.  Then she realized how much fun it was to spin his head and make noise. 6.7MB
May 17, 2006 Oh the joys of O's.  Miriam has decided that she really doesn't want us to feed her.  So, we've turned to foods she can pick up: cheerios, tofu, watermelon, cantaloupe, frozen blueberries and an array of frozen vegetables (peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, squash, carrots). 4.5MB
May 28, 2006 Bye-bye.  Recently, Miriam has begun to understand what bye-bye means, and so she is more reluctant to say it. 2.9MB
June 6, 2006 Books, books, books.  Miriam's taken to pulling them all off the shelves, opening them, and looking at the pages.  She is now interested enough to sit through short stories. 3.8MB
June 6, 2006 Toys, toys, toys.  Half the fun is taking them out of the box.  The other half is making noise with them.  And, apparently, yelling on this day.  Poppa is still working on his speech development and often mimics Miriam. 23.0MB
June 8, 2006 Here she comes!!  Miriam began walking with help in early June.  For the first week, she thought it was the funniest thing in the world and would laugh as she walked.  Now she's more intent on where she's going. 3.8MB
June 11, 2006 Miriam's favorite foods is watermelon.  She also really likes frozen blueberries, peas, O's, and graham crackers.  Note the ambidextrous precision grasping! 5.8MB
June 17, 2006 Miriam started swim lessons on Saturday June 17.  This was actually the third time in the swimming pool.  She likes it best when both Poppa and Momma join.  For the lesson she was very serious (too busy taking it all in to smile) but seemed to enjoy herself. 12.2MB
June 17, 2006 Friday June 16, Miriam had the opportunity to push a small plastic shopping cart around at daycare.  Apparently, she was quite good at it; backing up and maneuvering around things.  Saturday, she decided to move the chair since we don't have a shopping cart. 8.5MB
June 17, 2006 Miriam and Momma rocking out to Miriam's favorite toy piano.  Please turn up the volume to hear both the music and her squeals of joy. 12.3MB
July 4, 2006 Miriam loves the swing.  She also loves kisses from her Poppa. 6.1MB
July 7, 2006 Miriam getting ready for lengthy discussions with Grandpa Jim. 27.0MB
July 22, 2006 The sprinkler took a little getting used to at first. 6.2MB
July 22, 2006 But soon, Miriam got the hang of playing in the sprinkler.  "But, why can't I catch the water?" 17.0MB
July 22, 2006 If you're happy and you know it, kick your feet. 17.8MB
July 26, 2006 On July 26th, after a week or so of taking hesitant steps, Miriam took off walking in earnest. 7.5MB
July 26, 2006 And look how fast she can crawl now compared with April 18th. 3.0MB
July 26, 2006 She spent all evening walking around the house after spending much of the day at school doing the same. 4.0MB
August 2, 2006 It's a shame that Miriam doesn't like her Poppa. 9.8MB
August 2, 2006 A novel way of getting onto the bed. 7.7MB
August 2, 2006 Getting better at walking.  BTW, Mark is talking to his brother, Michael, in the background who was preparing to move from Milton, Delaware to Tucson, Arizona. 22.5MB
August 19, 2006 "Row, row, row your boat
Gently down the stream
Ha, ha fooled you
I'm a submarine!"
August 19, 2006 "Fishy, fishy in the sea
Fishy, fishy come to me
One, two, three!"
August 20, 2006 This was a morning ritual in early July.  When we tried to get video on the July 16th, she pushed the books out, but didn't crawl thru.  She then stopped doing this for a while and didn't start again until a day or two before this video was shot on August 20th.  20.7MB
August 26, 2006 Miriam has taken to feeding Poppa and Momma, particularly when she decides that she's done eating.  "Hey, he ate all my blueberries." 11.5MB
August 26, 2006 A favorite activity is water play.  It doesn't matter where: in a real pool, in the wading pool and sprinkler on the deck, in the bathtub, or in the shower.  Note she's getting more agile, adventurous, and playful. 31.3MB
August 26, 2006 And she's figured out how to get in and out of the pool.  And in and out and in and out.  If you look closely at the end of the video, you will also see her intentionally put her face in the water. 25.0MB

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