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If you only see one wedding this year, SEE THIS ONE. You may already be A WINNER in some cheesy sweepstakes, but you will be invited to our wedding AT NO CHARGE. When the mother of the groom cries at the end of the ceremony, NOTHING WILL BE HELD BACK. If you only see Simon’s Rock ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME, see it ONE DAY ONLY on June 11. A Movie is THRILLING, but this will only be FUN. When we are done celebrating, EVERYTHING MUST GO back to the rental company. THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE, to see Mark and Nancy legally single. YOU MAY ALREADY BE A MILLIONAIRE and can buy a MANSION AND A YACHT, but if you are like us, you will just want a nice clean motel. To get some sleep the night before or the night after, you should call the Super 8 in Lenox at (413) 637-3560 and book a room ($65 for Saturday night, $45 for Sunday) as part of the WORLD FAMOUS Friday/Miller wedding Party. YOU WILL BE TREATED LIKE ROYALTY in a down to earth, informal, pleasant, not specifically different from anyone else, sort of way. IN AFRICA there are LIVE ELEPHANTS, at our wedding there will be good food and dancing. Plan on wearing comfortable clothes, and remember ONLY YOU can make it a beautiful, sunny day and not a cold, raw, New England mudfest. MEL GIBSON, SUSAN SARANDON, AND A HOST OF HOLLYWOOD NOTABLES have been omitted from the guest list so that there was room for you.


Please save the date, June 11, so you can come and share our joy. It will mean a great deal to us to be surrounded by the people we love as we pledge our commitment to and love for one another. Our lifelong bond will be sealed before your very eyes and then we’ll have a big shindig with the best band you’ve never heard of.

Editor’s Note: They won’t actually play the whole time ‘cause they are people we love too, so they should have fun, fame, and wealth just like this letter promises you.


Wedding details (time, place, directions, hotels, registry, etc) and other fun stuff about us can be found at:


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